I kinda. . . temporarily moved to France

I will, damn it! By god, I will live it in every KFC bathroom across this country, however much I’ve gotta pay, however many threads about possible pregnancy I’ve gotta ask, however man RPGC exclusive memes mocking me I leave in my wake, Rhaka. No matter!

By the way, Rig, I finally tried the drink for which I am named. Good stuff. Strong, though.

If’n you can have sex in only one KFC bathroom in your entire life, and we all know that such a prospect is a fate worse than death, that KFC must be the Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia.

I’ve got my sights set on the new KFC Buffet on South street…

We can all live the dream, Arac. We all can.

Glad to know you found a good version of it. The only one I managed to find was positively awful.

It’s funny to think that if most of the board’s archives were to be deleted and only part of them saved after the apocalypse of your choice, the future budding anthropologist would declare the KFC cult of fertility an important feature of the community’s life, where members impersonate Setz (probably a God, perhaps similar to Set with the addition of the -z suffix a la hackerz, lolz, his being a multitude?) and then, having played out the fertility* god’s role, they are ritually crucified so that the Setz can be reborn, his powers ever stronger.

*See Chapters 5-11 for different traditions linking fertility to water. The person playing Setz having sex in bathrooms is clearly a part of that tradition.

With thanks to Frazer’s The Golden Bough and his antics.

Wow Arac, you’re not even in college yet and you’re doing all this amazing shit. I feel like a homebody by comparison :stuck_out_tongue: If you want to see the world, most good colleges have a lot of exchange programs.

…Wow, and I thought being the man-whore-in-training of my school was bad(9th grade right now), pretty sure making whoopie in a KFC bathroom tops dat.

No, being drunk during da ultimate activity and da try for making a new life is not a very good idea. Youse gets a lot of desire, but all da skill is gone after da 5th-7th beer, or 3rd, 4th bottle of moonshine in my terms.

See, this is exactly how I feel. :smiley:

Wow. That’s so cool Arac.

I still haven’t really come to terms with the fact that you can easily drive to another state for a day trip. Or even less than that. Why do I mention this? Because I had to look up where Brown was and saw that it was in Rhode Island. My roomie’s flight back to her home was in Rhode Island, so she drove from Boston to there. Which in my mind is a huge distance, but it seems to really not be that far at all.
And I’m having the same feelings as Curtis and Vicki.

Wow, yeah, you can drive from Conneticut to New York City in a matter of hours.

This Leareth guy is in 9th grade? And you live in Massachussets? I’m from Georgia boy, what the hell you know about moonshine?

Let’s justs say Ise gots a lovely little way of aquirin’ it in my backyard. :slight_smile: Ise just makes it myself!

At 9th grade? Right… It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that you’re not making it very believable.

Ise really don’t mind if youse don’ts believe me. Livin’ ina bumpkin family leads to sum strange dings.

You know, my sister moved to France for a to be an au pair, but she got fired for “not eating enough”; we’re now given to understand that her employer was, ah, tout à fait ça noix.

She’s a vegetarian, too. Hmm, I wonder …