I kinda. . . temporarily moved to France

Originally, I was hoping to move to Thailand to learn Muay Boran in a much more intense fashion upon graduating high school, before I went to college. There are several reasons for which this did not happen, including visas, money, and the fact that I did get a lot weaker with lymphoma (It’s supposedly gone, now, thanks to what I thought to be copious irradiation).

Looking for something else to do, instead, I took the place of a junior Ajarn who was going to France for a Savaté tournament. I did very well, since, you know, the guys I was fighting were French. I got offered to be an instructor, temporarily, at a French kickboxing school. Which is like being a student at a Thai kickboxing school except I actually know what the hell people are saying, and I get paid in things besides enough rice to live on and bruises.

I left almost completely spur-of-the-moment (with little enough preparation I had to send my college decisious by mail from France, instead of my house). I took my finals and checked out of highschool early, so I’ve been here for a little over a month. I’m heading back in two weeks or so, most likely, since I’m not learning much and spending as much as I earn (Vegetarianism is very expensive in France, for some reason. Coupled with my Chartreuse consumption, it ends up with me pretty much broke a lot), and I’d like to spend some time with friends before I leave.

Sorry, the 984 and Vicki, by the way, but I picked Brown. I liked Durham alot, but I couldn’t connect with the kids at Duke nearly as well, for the most part, Brown’s curriculum was too open for me to pass up, and Duke students told me some of my interests (international studies, foreign language, other hippie bullshit) were some of Duke’s weakest (which is still pretty fucking strong, of course) areas.

Um, so, what’s going on with you guys?

I am glad that you feel better; you made the right decision by undergoing the treatment.

Coupled with my Chartreuse consumption, it ends up with me pretty much broke a lot

Never touched the stuff, but I’ll raise a glass of Stolichnaya to your health and to celebrate your legal drinking age (in Canada at least).
Za zdarovie!

En passant, il faut que tu nous décrives tes aventures avec les femmes françaises. Et surtout, ne gênes-toi pas avec les détailles juteuses. :wink:

I never thought Setz would go so far

No, silly, if you stayed there longer I could do a detour from Spain in July. Glad to hear your lymphoma’s gone; good riddance. In which city are you? Do you speak French? Perhaps you starve because you don’t speak French, imperialist hippie (err, I’m getting original here).

Is Chartreuse expensive or is it the usual liqueur trick: sweet so you drink more than you wanted to?

Wow, look at that string of questions! Procrastination mode off

Heheh, nice. Someone likes their alcohol. Personally, if you put scotch in front of me and tell me to drink it, I will throw it in your face. Dat stuff is nasty! I like other drinks MUCH better. YEAH TO BEING REDNECK!!!

Layixnay: I was making love to a wild, sexually liberated young frenchwoman inside a pay toilet near a café. . .

Riggamrowr: I speak pretty good French (I guess I have a gypsy accent, whatever that means), and I don’t think I could swing July. Early June, maybe, but I can’t get through a whole month more of essentially only cheese for protein without divine aid. Chartreuse, the good kind, runs about 30,50 euro a bottle. Green chartreuse, that’s a litre; vestigial elixir, a bottle’s more like 240ml, but it’s 76 percent ABV, so one tends to dilute it. The yellow stuff is cheaper because it is essentially alcoholic pinesol. Do not buy it.

Larry the Eth: I like scotch and some bourbon, but can’t stand whisky for the most part. Back in the states, I was a tequila man.

God that’s what I dream of every day of my life

pulls out his moonshine and begins to drink it Man I love dis stuff! Hey, have you guys heard the expression “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor”? I wanted to know if it is true from someone that drank tequilas. I stick to my moonshine and beer. :slight_smile:

And yeah to sexually liberate women!! I’m hoping to go to Amsterdam in a few years. hears his madame call him CRAP!!! >_< Man, dis day is gonna be wierd, have fun wid dis place for a hour, 'cause dis girl makes that second saying true, “Women are like a diesal engine. Once you get them going, you can ride them for a long, LONG time!”

I remember watching an episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC where he was trying to help this chick who owned a vegetarian restaurant in Paris… it was a really hard sell to the locals since there are very few native French vegetarians, so they were targeting tourists. French food does seem to be a lot more animal-centric.

Oh, and it’s all good! Just as long as you’re satisfied where you go, that’s what matters. :slight_smile: You sure do seem to do some crazy things for being a youngster to me. :smiley:

L’Aerith: This is the internet, here, one may drink a hundred tequilas and feel nothing, as well as bench-press cars. In reality, it depends on the person and the size of the tequila; if we’re talking shots, there aren’t many people that’s true for, but as the units of measurement go up, the more people the remark holds true for. Personally, experience dictates I can take at least a litre bottle of Tequila without reaching the ‘floor’ stage (I assume that means passed out), but that’s not to say I’ll be far from it. It might’ve been 75 cl, actually, since I tend to mistake that for a litre pretty often, as was the case with green chartreuse, which comes in 70 cl bottles, not litre bottles as I believed. It’s also 55%, not 46%. I reallzy should read labels. . .
As for the moonshine, hope you don’t go blind.

Vicky: Aw, you’re too kind. I’m sure I’ll be happy at Brown. I don’t really think I do crazy things, but I guess everybody kinda sees what they do as normal.

I squat 580 pounds

Does anyone believe me!?

I feel for you. Slide down to the Top Cheese Consumers chart and you’ll see the French are hardcore about their cheese (we’re still on top, according to WP). Vegans must suffer even more than veggies with all that creme in French cuisine; that’s why the highest compliment is crème de la crème :stuck_out_tongue:

Finals prevent me from catching a plane on the spur of the moment. Enjoy your time in France and maybe I’ll hit the States someday.

edit: Rinn, lol.

Because you weight 580 pounds. Amirite or what!?

Whether true or not, I just love this response. :smiley:

Wells, I hope I don’t go blind too. Danks for da sentiment dough! :slight_smile: Now, why da hell does mah name say L’Aerith!! Dat makes it seem as if I am Aerith wid an L! SCREW NAME MESS UPS!!!

…Sorry 'bout dat, dat was my rant for da day. And what is cl?

Originally Posted by Leareth45
Now, why da hell does mah name say L’Aerith!! Dat makes it seem as if I am Aerith wid an L! SCREW NAME MESS UPS!!!

Now now L4-Chan. There’s no need to get worked up over a silly name. After all, what’s a little variety every once in a while?


I weigh 215 right now, down from 220 my senior year. If we’re going by those terms, I squat 800 pounds.

Actually, dat was my random outburst for dat day. Don’t know when it’ll happens today to me. Maybe while typing, maybe while sitting in class, I just don’t knows.

Yet agains, sorry for da outburst Arac. No offense intended.

I believe you, Lanyx. Because you were the only one who believed in my dream. . . my dream of being Setz.

Live that dream, Arac. Live it.