I just realized...

… that I completely suck at marketing something and I’m too cheap to do anything about it :stuck_out_tongue: (some things about me never change).

So, I finished my second novel entitled “Legacy of Vullah”, the sequel to my debut fantasy novel “Survivors of Vullah”. Getting these books published took a lot of effort, but the absolute hardest part (at least to me) is now coming up, and that is Marketing the books. Sure, I have pages on social media, but I’m clueless otherwise. It will probably mean I may have to take some Marketing classes at the local college or something like that, but alas, that is the extra work I’ll have to put in while I’m a part of a self-publishing market already saturated with people like me. :slight_smile:

Anyways, sorry for the short rant. I probably should have thought of all of this before I put pen to paper. I’m confident in my writing, just not in my ability to market. Given time, I’m sure that will change.

Thanks for reading! / :spam:

This is basically 90% of businesses that exist. Speaking from experience.

I hear ya. with the current company I work for, I have attempted to get in touch with their marketing department as part of the company’s “Individual Development Plan”. From initial contact, it took 6 months for them to reach out to me for a meeting. They promised a follow-up after that and another 6 months later, still no contact. Even my bosses have not been able to get in touch with them. It would appear that our own marketing department doesn’t communicate well which is probably why the business’ customer base isn’t growing like it used to.

If the US political election system has taught me anything, its that you just need to get people to know that you exist and something to associate your book’s title with, regardless of the medium and damn the expense. Though in your case, you probably don’t want to engage in too much mud flinging or buying up so much air time that everybody and their brother is sick to death of you within a month.

LMAO. I never thought of it that way. Perhaps I should do some mock campaign radio ad that explains why my books are better than the others. Reason 1: The are no fifty shades of anything in the books. :smiley: Reason 2: Vampires do not <strike>exist</strike> sparkle in my books. Reason 3: Talking dogs? Reason 4: grumble grumble. “I’m E.M. Starbird and I approve this message”

I think I have too much spare time on my hands >_<