I have three words for Sega :


Yeah, I rented Virtua Quest to see what it looked like. They tried to put the absolutely excellent VF4 system into an action/rpg, where you need to PURCHASE options such as attacking a downed opponent and evading.

This wouldn’t be so bad if the camera made the game playable. They have a whole second stick to dedicate to the camera on PS2, and yet… they don’t fucking use it.

Do not play this game, it sucks. Immensely.

That’s odd. Sega’s usually way over par on creating good games. They’re one of the few names I trust in good gameplay.

I tried VF4 on the PS2 once. Its controller was not good at all for the VF fighting engine. And if you want a good VF RPG, just get Shenmue or Shenmue 2. It’s the same fighting engine with a pretty good B-Movie Kung Fu plot. Plus, the DC and XBox controllers are perfect for it.

You obviously didn’t try “Feel the magic XX/XY”
Its like Wario Ware all over again :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, here. Sega is usually good, even when the games are bad. Even terrible games like “Space Channel 5” are fun to play, and they’re good games, like “Rez” or “Super Monkey Ball” are just freaking incredible.

This one, however? Nuh-uh. Stay away. Unless you’re a Virtua Fighter nut, the only appeal of the game (seeing how the Virtua Souls are implented and learning more about the characters) is gone.

The only good voice-acting is Sei’s, and that’s just by moments, Hayami will get on your nerves, so will Fan, and so will most of the bosses.

The camera problems, in retrospect, aren’t that bad, it’s because there’s an easy way to defeat the bosses/virtua souls. Easy and extremely cheap. For Vitrua Souls, as soon as you get Lion’s first Virtua Soul attack, you’re bloody unbeatable by ALL Virtua Souls (except maybe Jeffry Ver.2, but he’s always a tough cookie in that game).

As far as bosses go, air attack followed by your strongest Virtua Soul attack. You can easily take 7-8% off the boss’s energy bar, and the worst part? It hits with a 90% ratio. Free damange, yum!

You noticed I used Ver.2 when talking about Virtua Souls. Yes, the setting is very MM:BN-esque. If you hated MM:BN (like I did), then this might not please you.

The only thing good about the story is that even though it’s a side-story, it makes sense in the Virtua Fighter universe.

Either way, some of you may like it, but I expected a better product from Sega. ESPECIALLY Yu Suzuki, who gave us VF and Shenmue.