I Have Risen!!

I’m Spartacus’_Ghost. I just wanted to say hello to you all, as I’ll be haunting the site a bit. That being said:

I’m Spartacus!!

Nice to meet you. We’ve never had a ghost here before.

Or are you a ZOOOMMBBIIEEEE!?!?! @_@;

I love you.

If you’re a ghost, you’re not really risen. I think.

As long as you’re a ghost and not a zombie, we’ll get along fine.

Im afraid of zombies.`


(Wonder if anybody still gets that reference?) :wink:

Anyway: Welcome! :slight_smile:

Oh yes, Wilf. No one gets the Spartacus reference any more.

Not to worry, I do get the reference.

stands up
I’m Spartacus!

And by the way…

That is creepy.

Welcome to the Agora!

Thankfully there aren’t any large pits or wells for you to kick us down if we anger you, oh spirit of a great warrior.

Wise fwom youw gwave!

I wish I had been smart enough to post an introduction thread. This seems so fun.

I was going to say ‘Im Spartacus!’ but I thought I would look stupid. Apparently, not.

I think I set precedent by referencing a different line from the same movie.

Oh no! Ghostbusters! runs through wall

Heh, welcome.

good that you’re not a zombie. Then the zombie defense league just may have to take you out.
Ghosts aren’t so bad, least not the not angry ones.

I think we scared him off. Oh well…