I have no life whatsoever... and I do this all for my fans.

Get Wise 14 is up. Yes, this is the episode with the contest for who will be the newest control memeber. Again, I chose this person on how creative their character was and how good I could put this into Get Wise. I did not play favorites just so you know (so I don’t want people accusing me of that).

Anyways, have fun watching/reading it ^_^. I’ll hold more contests in the future and there may be more control member hirings in the future (but we’re low on cash right now).

Anyways, I need a break from Get Wise… 3 episodes in under a month. I do it for my fans though.

Also, all the artists out there for my latest contest, keep sending in your stuff.

I don’t know the series you’re making but I’m curious now. Can you give a link and stuff…?


Read it, and it’s good. Sad, though, about the winner.

Read it. Copacabana? Why didnt you come to my place in Fortaleza instead?

Oh, BTW, congrats na, people always read these spoilers. You know who..

Read it, and liked it! At least I did more than two things, unlike the Christmas episode.

Yes sir! I will go and read it!

I finally got to tickle things! Yays!:smiley: Thank you!

Seriously, it was good. And taking a break sounds like a good idea. Too much of a good thing makes it no longer special.

yeah… but I am gonna change the layout soon… I just need to think of how I’m gonna do it…

It was nice to get some attention… thanks for the appearance, Orakio.

But… you have to remember… certain people can’t stand to loose… phone rings. What now?

picks it up. NO!!! I told you not to call me about rebuilding SYCO at this number!!!

I forsee a very angry email from Crotanks in my future…

Another job well done, Orak! Now, if only Macc would get crackin’ on FARTS…

I wouldn’t push Macc… let him go at his own time (and let me steal his fan base from under him :slight_smile: j/k Macc)

anyways, try my “Which Get Wise Character are you?” test again. This time I provided codes tha allow you to put them on here ^_^.

No need to
Points at sig

I refuse to be anybody but myself =P

oi, wait, this reminds me…can i have a cameo appearance in get wise 15?

Read it, liked it, is it possible to make those things any faster Orak? :stuck_out_tongue:

Orakio, I shall say it now, Get Wise is one of the rare things I actually read and appreciate.

Can I have a cameo too? :slight_smile:

Really good Orak, keep it on!

Read it, liked it, is it possible to make those things any faster Orak? :stuck_out_tongue:

possibly… but don’t expect another one for a while.

Orakio, I shall say it now, Get Wise is one of the rare things I actually read and appreciate.

hehehe… does the Get Wise is special dance… oh wait, Jing is suppost to do that. does the Orakian “Get Wise is special” disco… that’s better.

Yeah, you can have a cameo (both Booken and Lord Zhou Yu and anybody else who wants one). Seems more people want to have a cameo in Get Wise than in FARTS. ^_^;;

Just give me time. My heart is pretty heavy right now with a lot of emotional problems that concerns my girlfriend’s best friend.

Oh, Orakio, Get Wise might be fun, but its missing something important, IMO.


I think that using more narration text and a little less chat can boost the story’s mood.

Not only that, but I actually like to read that some fireballs are rotating around a mage before breaking off and homing to his target rather that just seeing the mage yelling “Fireball!!!”

See what I mean?

ok… isn’t to concerned over that yet, but I’ll look at it when I make my next episode

I’ll explain it all later…