I have made my first gameplay movie! \o/ :D

I was incredibly bored about 20 minutes ago, so I decided to film myself while playing Champions of Norrath 2. I think I might consider doing this as a hobby. I have many video-games, and a nice camera capable of recording large amounts of time on it.

I’m a level 60 Vah’shir Beserker, named Setz; playing on Champion difficulty. It’s in the plain of storms, from the beginning, to about 1/4 finished. Also, I’m having difficulty getting by the cave with the kobold things in them, the suped up mega-kobolds. I usually just kill them in the other difficulties; but this time I can’t get past the third one without dying a blood death. Any hints?

Note: This thread was made for help needed on the game, and not really for the movie I made. However, if you’d like to see the movie, I’m on mIRC in #rpgc and #pso, so I can DCC it to you.