I have a question.....

Did something happen here… that my name got deleted… or do they automaticly get deleted after not posting for so long?

Worm Virus.

If you had zero posts, then the answer is yes. Otherwise… How long have you been away? Some time ago, the server got hit by a virus and I believe that some accounts went down the drain.

ok… Thats probably why my acount got deleted… Thanks

Wooo, welcome back. Where have you been anyway?

Welcome back, my friend!

Where’ve you been man?

Holy shit, it’s Cold)Hell!

Originally posted by Xelopheris
Where’ve you been man?
Your moms house.

Whoa, talk about a blast from the past. Hell must afrozen over or someth…oh…right…

First time online in a long time… Thats about it… Got my liscense now… so I really havent been home much.

Whoa Cold)Hell, it’s been a while

Who would of thought… People remember me!

I remember you, and your crazy clan website…

Yeah, welcome back.

I haven’t seen you around since I first joined here. Welcome back :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen you at all. Welcome back.

I remember you, but not that well. Hiya.

It was aliens! They invaded us in vast numbers: We fought bravely, of course, but the aliens were too many and they had a higher reproduction rate. In the end we self destructed to save the rest of the world. Aren’t we great?

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome Back’, and tells the true story: He stole the servers.

Actually, it was what Valkyrie Esker said.