I have a German doppelganger

So we all know me. I’ve been using the 984 name since… Oh sometime in the 90s. Before RPGC even. I was originally Megaman984, and I kept that for a few years here. There was also MegamanX2K (whomever everyone called X), and most people just called me 984. So that turned into a joke where I, still known as Megaman984, would make braggadocios statements and end it with “The 984 has spoken!” Eventually I just changed over to The 984. I think 2005-ish? That sounds about right. Well I use that name most everywhere. Even on Steam (albeit as The984).

Well yesterday, Vorpy was trying to find me on Steam. He then asked me “are you The984 in North Carolina or the one in Germany?” And I thought he was joking. So I do a user search. There’s a fair number of people who just go by 984 or attach 984 to the end of a name. Fine.

But there’s this one guy. THIS ONE GUY. He lives in Germany. And he goes by The984 on Steam. Some googling has shown that he may use The984 name elsewhere.

I am not happy with this development. That’s gimmick infringement, yo. I may have to send him a Cease and Desist letter.

At least he doesn’t use the same avatar, then it’d be super-creepy.

Statistically speaking having a lookalike or someone who could pass as your twin in the whole world would not be a surprise. Maybe he too thinks the way he does. Maybe he aims to replace you eventually and finally taste true freedom.

Yeah, but for that I have Synchro!

There’s someone I haven’t spoken to/heard from in ages…

Kinda tempted to create a dummy account called Die 984, gotta admit.

10 years ago I would’ve recommended subscribing him to the Free RP forum and the Tower of Babel.

My advice is to get a lawyer. :v

But seriously, I’ve been accused of playing an MMO myself as well (I do not play MMOs), and hell, even my IRL name isn’t used exclusively by myself. I’d say, just let bygones be bygones and let the Wiki’ers sort 'em out.

Besides, his/her intention might not have been to copy you specifically. Maybe s/he felt that using the hight of that one building in Dubai as a user name would be a neat reference.