I hate

Pop ups that look like private messages, that say “Hey man, I was just at the coffee bean, talking to Dave. And you came up in our conversation, and your Instant Messages are reaaaally bland, you should try these emoticons! instert link PS Linda is cheating on you with Dave. I thought I should tell you, since you helped me out when I had that drinking problem after Caroline left me.” I mean, it doesnt piss me off so much that its a pop up, it pisses me off that I thought somone was private messaging me, and wanted to talk to me!

Linda is cheating on you!!!
kill that B%$#

never had pop-ups like that though… but i can see it’s annoyance

Linda’s a bad woman… nod nod

Get Slimbrowser…it’ll nuke the popups.

I don’t have time to see what’s written on my popups.

cuddles her pop ups that say “END POP UPS LIKE THIS ONE!”

I know this kind of popup. Can be kinda annoying. The spam- emails with the “hidden” htisisnotavireus.exe -files that are automatically blocked by hotmail are a lot funnier though. I recently got one of those from a gimli63@hotmail.com saying he hates me (gimli hates me! ;_:wink: so I wanted to send him a mail back with LAV <3 <3 <3 In huge fontsize and red, but unfortunately the e-mail addy didn’t exist. Pity.

Charl, I’d feel just the same way as you, since no one usually messages me. I’d get all excited that someone did, and then I’d say “Dammit! You stupid pop-ups cheated me of a regular frickin’ conversation! Why did you have to get my hopes up? Damn you! Blaglkjhdkjgfjksfhjkaghkglkjhkjh.”

The only plus I can give my AOL is that it zaps pop-ups really well. Oh well, enough about AOL, I’m getting a cable modem! Wooot!

Better than getting an e-mail from someone you don’t know complaining about a wife, you don’t have, writing hot checks to her… When replied to, however, no bounce back, but no reply to the reply…

This is Carolyn Sue, I being trying to reach Ruth or Wanda whatever she calls herself,
she stills owes me $65 for the bad check she wrote in Texas that I had to pick up.
It seems that she took the whole family for a cleaning, The time I came to your house was the first time I met her and I hope it is the last, The whole family is sick and tired of how she treats us. I will go to the cops if she doesn’t reply soon and tell her to leave Linda alone as Linda hates her now.
Carolyn Sue Meyer

I use ICQ and only people in my list can send me a message, so I don’t get disguised popups.

I hate all popups. I hate all unsolicited mail. I hate all unsolicited email too. But then again, I hate everything.

I usually check the user’s details before I bother responding. If for some reason they don’t show up, then I know it’s just a bot.

Originally posted by Nulani
I hate all popups. I hate all unsolicited mail. I hate all unsolicited email too. But then again, I hate everything.

Nul, for some reason, that just made me laugh my head off. XD
But seriously, I hate spam of all kinds. I don’t get many messenger popups because I don’t have much of a reason to even turn it on, but my email account’s blocked address list has already reached its maximum. Can’t those idiots take a hint? I wish someone would sue them. I mean, those popups are so annoying… and I’m sick of would-be virus attacks. Norton helps, but the XP firewall stinks.

I don’t think she was being funny Manus…

Yes! Soon we will have ads that invade forums as well! But before that happens, we at thisisnotafakeinstitution organization have developed an auto-deleter for forum spam! Your friend Dave was telling us about this, and your friend Linda said it works great, and that the first person that downloads it at www.thisisnotaviruslink.whatever/thisisnotavirus.exe will get to have free hot loving with her!

I like spam.

Its the only email i get.