I HATE Trojan Horses!!

Stupid Trojan horses! Someone tried to break into my computer using one not too long ago! Laughs victoriously:hahaha; My Norton Anti-Virus has triumphed!! :mwahaha:

I hate trojan condoms, they break and give me herpes!

Wrooooooooooooooong!! :eek:

My horse is quite trojan actually



For your pleasure. Eh…viewing…pleasure.

Now when people think of wood, they’ll think Trojan!

Trojan condoms are supposed to keep the little men in right? But the trojan horse was full of men who burst out unexpectedly and started causing havoc.

This is true, but let us not forget the rabbit, which was a major failure.

Lesson to me kiddies, don’t buy condoms with rabbits on them; you KNOW how fast THEY breed!

Ew…I am leaving now! I started this to see if anyone else had troubles with computer viruses, like the Trojan Horse I had this afternoon, but…this is just getting gruesome…:hmm:

guys, the tower’s dead, remember? So cut with the topic twisting, sheesh.