I hate to admit it...

But Christina AGeulgealaria has a pretty good voice… And good on SNL

But she’s still a whore.

Yeah, she does have a good voice. She should’ve laid off the hair dye and excessive makeup, and maybe people would’ve focused on that :stuck_out_tongue:

She does have a wonderful voice. Not the best, IMO but she’s good.

Too bad her hair is falling out.

Yeah, she does have a nice voice, and was pretty good on SNL. But she used to be so cute! I don’t really like the skank look…

I think she has a pretty good voice, but i don’t like her look now it’s to slutty she used to look good but now its just…ugh

It’s funny to compare her now to her when she sang that song for Mulan.

Yeah, she does have talent…unlike some other female pop star. But I don’t like her look, she looks like she doesn’t shower. Maybe it was her video that left that impression of her on my mind.

Aguilera is a great singer whether anyone wants to admit it or not. :stuck_out_tongue: And I don’t really care what she dresses like or looks like. She just has some good and some bad songs, heh.

Talent doesn’t mean a thing if your songs just suck. =p

Yeah. She’s good. But she’s ugly. shrug What can ya do?

I still like Pink better tho. nodnod

I loved that mulan song, not sure if i liked her verison though, cant remember. And i liked one other song of hers “come on over” though not for very long, since it got overplayed of course. I also liked britney spears crazy" probably only for a week for same reason. Now i like that new song of hers “toxic” though somehow i don’t think it sounds quite like her? Bought the justin timberlake cd and like 2 or 3 songs, haven’t listened to it since i got it though. Please someone put me out of my misery.

I’ve seen the video for “Toxic,” and heard another one of the songs from Britney’s new album, and it definately sounds different. I think it’s because she’s using better singing technique, not singing “from her nose,” getting that horrible nasally sound. She definately sounds as if she’s improved, in the music department anyway. And “Toxic” just sounded like a different kind of song, for her at least.

I’ve yet to get rid of my old Britney/Christina/NSYNC CDs… of course, I haven’t listened to them in years.

Yay i’m not alone in liking some over productized pop stuffings. I never did like any nsync songs though. I remember liking one or two backstreet songs when they first came out sometime in '95 or '96 maybe, but maybe it was cause i was younger? Though i did like “larger then life”(title?) for a little bit.

Heh, yeah… I had all the teeny pop fixin’s back in middle school. I was like, the biggest Backstreet Boys fangirl… shit, why am I sharing that with you guys, that’s supposed to be a part of my shadowy past. :fungah:

lol gets my pitchfork and torch ^ _ ^ J/k

Originally posted by Dragonessa

I’ve yet to get rid of my old Britney/Christina/NSYNC CDs… of course, I haven’t listened to them in years.

Yeah, the problem is that in order to get rid of them you have to make some sort of public acknowledgment you possess them.

So, invest in a trenchcoat, sunglasses, and maybe a voice distorting/disguising device, and walk on in to your local record store that takes used CDs, and sell 'em off.


And I have always felt that Christina Aguilerra has had a great voice that has gone to waste on mediocre songs and that she is, for whatever reason [ahem marketing ahem] trying to keep up in the sluttiness Arms Race with Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson (who’s joined the race relatively late after making a more convincing pretense of spiritual morality and standards and being “above” this sort of crap).

There’s something very unsexy about a girl who tries too hard to be a sex symbol.

I dunno, I’ve just always had this feeling that Christina Aguilerra could do much better than what she does. I mean, I expect Britney and Jessica to be shitty singers who compensate with studio overproduction and shaking their ass and flashing their boobs and kissing Madonna, because they have little to no real musical talent that I can see. Christina really can sing, and I think has some other musical aptitude as well (even writing some songs of her own, though she hasn’t recorded any of them that I know of). So, like, the standard is higher for her because she’s capable of being more than she currently is. Or something.

P.S. It’s not that I think Britney is a bad singer/dancer, it’s just that I think she is a Demon Succubus sent from the bowels of Hell to lower the aesthetic and intellectual standards of God’s Children and that she should be dunked in an industrial-sized vat of holy water and sent back to The 7th Circle of The Inferno where she belongs.

Yeah, I kind of like her voice… And I don’t watch TV, so I hardly know what anyone looks like, anyway. =P

Well, in my opinion, Christina is the best pop female vocalist in the last 10 or so years. I really can’t think of anyone better than her.

And her songs suck? Since when? Yea, most of her songs are poppy crap, but “Beautiful” is one of the best songs to come out in the last few years.

“Beautiful” is a good song of hers. I like Christina Aguilera’s voice; she’s pretty much had that same voice since the Mickey Mouse Club. But I don’t buy her CDs. Chances are, I’ll only like one song out of the whole CD.

She dresses like that because the music industry thinks you need to dress like a whore to sell.