I had an idea for a manga need input

I am seriously considering writing a manga type story, that deals with kites in the main plot. My idea is having some kind of special tournament where kites are used to fight in ‘battles’ with some form of A.I. either computer or supernatural. Is this something you’d be interested in reading or learning more of? And do you have any suggestions to how it might work?

so… kind of like pokemon or yu-gi-oh, except everything’s flying around?

Anything is good with the right characters and story.

if you think it’ll be fun then go for it

as long as you don’t take it too seriously or expect anything from it i think you’ll get enjoyment out of it

Actually, there IS such a thing as kite-combat. It’s a Chinese thing: they put blades on their kites and had them attack each other. Yes, seriously. Must take a lot of skill, though I’d fell bad about tearing a kite apart, specially those extremely well-designed Chinese ones.

Besides, if they could make a show about fighting with tops (bakugan) why not kite fighting? Add tech or magic and you have a Shonen hit. :smiley:

Oh and let’s not forget this guy from this year’s America’s Got Talent show. Never thought I’d feel so moved by kite-flying…

No matter what, there absolutely needs to be a ‘Kite Eating Tree’ involved somewhere.

Also kites should be able to fire lazors like any other shonen hero.

Additionally, there needs to be a female kite that needs to be rescued on a regular basis since females are generally useless in shonen series (save for healing or barrier purposes). Also fanservice (i.e. make sure that at least one kite has large jiggly boobs and the shortest skirt imaginable).

Futhermore, this MUST be set in a school for kites. Absolutely must!

You will also need a buttmonkey and a bishonen rival kites.

No matter what, there absolutely needs to be a ‘Kite Eating Tree’ involved somewhere.

Oh yeah that reminds me… there’s an actual supervillain based on Kites, The Kite-Man (from DC Comics, you can see him in some episodes of Batman: The Brave And The Bold). Why am I reminded of him? Because his real name is… Charles Brown. No way that’s not intentional. I guess having your kite eaten by a tree can traumatize you into villainhood.

well not pokemon as each character has one and only one kite! id say more like shaman king

well not sure it’ll be a viva piniata version for kites! although that might be interesting

that aside i do plan on having one person/kite have a nature move that uses plants and treees, and there will be electric kites with lasers, and busty lady spirit’s ‘kites’

If they have battle hamsters, anything is possible.

very true!

I know this may sound a bit cliched, but how about basing the concept of the kites on natural elements (much like the djinni concept in golden sun.) Having like fire,water, earth, wind and so on and different fields of play (like in yugioh where certain monsters get a field bonus, e.g. zombies - graveyard.) I know these probably sound childish, but I thought I’d throw them out there as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is that he’s going to need elements for all of his kites so he’s gonna need the Mega Man elemental tree where Junk is Strong against Ice which is Effective against Slash which is Strong against Spring which is Super Effective against Vampire which is Super Strong against Tires which is Highly Effective against Bubbles which is Most Effective against Cloud which is Most Strong against Bishies and so on…

Kill: That’s half the fun! :smiley:

Idea: Hey, why not use the Chinese angle and say the kites are haunted by the spirits of great Kite Fighters? Sorta like Shaman King. Would explain a lot.

Or why not only have 108 kites and those are the Stars of Destiny! The protagonist is just a normal guy who gets jelly about the stars and goes all villain and stuff on them.

Things like this and sleeve-fighting are why the other martial arts make fun of Kung Fu behind its back.Namely, because those ideas are ridiculous and stupid, but they’re too afraid of getting beat up with sleeves and kites to say it to Kung Fu’s face.