I h9 tech class.

Yea, im in it right now, and im sooooo bored.

You hnine it, eh? :wink:

Yes. Hnining stuff is a new trend. It’s not as cool as sk9ing though.

It’s not a new trend. The hnineing mania has been there for quite a while.

He has to hnine it since heighting it is too little to show his boredom. I heleven my biology class though. It is just that boring.

At least in your tech class, you can access rpgc. Internet filters are up everywhere at my school and the only thing you can open is quizilla(sp?) and neopets. Aren’t they informative?

uh Hnine? Meaning for my Poor brain

Dark Angel (Nutter)
(I was to lazy to Copy/paste myself)

I don’t hnine my school’s computer classes too much. They have filters, but the Agora and several <strike>porn</strike>game sites aren’t filtered, so it’s all good.

Nah, RPGC is blocked. But i’m 1337. /me cough >_>;;

Insert joke about Dev not being able to login as root in Mandrake here

Linux sucks.

Self Esteem -10 pts. ;_;

At my school RPGC is blocked, but I can get around it by searching “RPGClassics Starstorm” (Don’t ask me why, I guess he was just the first one to ever pop into my head) on google and just going through his public profile. I can do the same with a lot of Forums.

I’ve tried stuff like that. Doesn’t work. The entire thing is blocked. And so I have absolutely nothing to do in my class. I’m finished with all my work two weeks ahead of schedule and the computers themselves only let you open up programs dealing with the class.

Yea, thats another thing i hate. She won’t let us work ahead, so i have to pretend like i am with the rest of the class, even when i have finished the entire assignment.

Sometimes i wonder what the people reading over my shoulder think of some of the threads we have here. I distinctly remember the guy who sits next to me gawking at the “TEACHER SELLS SEX TOYS” thread. :mwahaha:

My high school’s computer policy was ridiculous. We had a library with state-of-the-art (well they were five years ago) computers with full Internet access. However, we were forbidden to use them for anything non-school related. We couldn’t even check e-mail.

I can understand that they don’t want people messing with them, but why couldn’t they do what my college does, just dissable downloads?

Linguistics is worse. Stop whining!