...I guess you could say I'm new...

Yay, a new addition to my list <3
Err… welcome.

Fear Dragon Tear (great that rhymed)…rather I mean Hi oh and…vote for me.

Welcome back and whatever.

I would put in some lame welcome joke, but I can’t be bothered, since you heard them all last time you joined.

Just wondering, was “party*girl” you as well?

Becuase if that was you, i just want to thank you for setting up one of the most hilarious threads ever.

Gemini: Hey ya! I remember you!
Joey: Let’s Party!
Gemini: Welcome back.

Vote communist.

I don’t think i ever met you before but welcome back anyway.:wave:

Welcoem back, I think I kindasorta remember you. But then, I have trouble remembering anything that doesn’t make for a good story and/or joke, so don’t hold it against me.