I guess this ties into homework...

I don’t know where I put my copy of that book that I stole, but I do remember that the nielsen books generally just go a-z through an entire chapter, and thus a) can be like, 10 pages back.

The thing is, the letters are in a designated section. You don’t see in a new section, it just randomly jumps to like, q.

this just goes to show that the 6, count them 6 stolen text books that I have from over the ages will come in handy some day

Order is:
sodium chloride
Sodium bicarbonate
calcium carbonate
potassium bromide
calcium chloride
copper sulfate

Psh, only 6? I have every snigle textbook ever used in high school! (Except for Grade 11 Biology, which I kind of slammed against the wall at the school again and again and again until it fell apart after the exam.

That is the order in the Materials List. On page 181, it starts the procedure. It gives steps on how to fully complete the lab itself. On the second or third step, it states to get samples of some substances, and place then in microtray wells labelled from 1 through 8. There is a specific order I did my lab on, and it followed the listing given there.

Yeah, it’s from page 181 Procedure step 2.

So yeah, I am right :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my accusations. :open_mouth:

I’m not finished the lab report, but, I did do the majority; which could not have been done without Nightblade’s help. So, here is what I have so far. I’ll have to write up the Procedure when I’m able to tomorrow

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