I guess this is hello?

Hmm… I don’t seem to see a forum for newbies/introductions, so I’ll just post this here. If I was wrong, sorry!

I’m Rexix, the Fire Mage. Right now I am doing some work on a M&M IX shrine, and I thought I might as well pop in here and see what’s going on…and…umm…


Hello, welcome to the RPGC Family…

Don’t piss in the toilet paper lane and clean it with a rake…

…and…Listen to my music or you’ll be old in age and regretting it.

Rexix… interesting name…

Oh, hey, I’m Val, warrior of Odin, and beloved by all. Ph33R me, bitch. ^^

There’s no newbie forum, you posted in the right place.

Hello, pleased to meet you and [Insert strange yet witty and funny comment here].

Hey. Enjoy your stay and don’t let them intimidate you… no one here is really mean. (with a few exceptions… AKA dark)

Welcome to our looney bin. Make sure you don’t need your sanity before you post again.

Originally posted by Princefireball
Hey. Enjoy your stay and don’t let them intimidate you… no one here is really mean. (with a few exceptions… AKA dark)

Dark hasn’t been around here in ages, man, he’s long gone! Get with the times!

Welcome, hello and what everyone else said. Not that intimidating after time.

Welcome; And please do acknowledge Nyctophobia.

How did you know about dark? He left LONG ago.

They recently found out about him.

Hey new guy. Have fun.

Course, none of them were around, so they don’t really know ho wannoying he was. But we’re digressing.

Oh, and Rexix, I’m just gonna call ya Re.

Welcome to the boards.

Hello and welcome to the boards.

Welcome. I have a distinct feeling that this might be of some use in the future Gives Rexix a large rubber mallet Don’t worry, we’re all perfectly sane (cough, cough)


Hmm… a mallet. That’s not nearly enough in a situation like this.

Oh, and you may call me Re. Because it makes me a god rather than a king. Good times.


Welcome to the RPGC. Hope you have a good time.

welcome new one.