Alright, so for about a year and some, I’ve been using my semi-broken HP laptop. I guess you can call it semi-broken? The only thing that is broken is one of three fans, and the integrated ATI GPU chip on the motherboard is shot. So, long story short… I have these permanent lines across the screen. MEANS I CAN’T TAKE SCREENSHOTS ANYMORE, WITHOUT IT LOOKING LIKE CRAP. /cry

So, I come to you guys. Anybody buy a new computer within the past few months or days? I’m open to any suggestions. A new laptop would be nice, but most of them seem to have shitty video chipsets. Unless…well of course, I go for some kind of an Alienware laptop. OH, and I forgot to mention. I’M POOR AND UNEMPLOYED. /sad face. A broken computer just sucks balls. I guess a desktop might be more affordable? But then again…those stupid Dell adds are full of misinformation. Yeah, it says I can get a computer for as low as $600, but it comes with almost NOTHING. Yeah, there’s a lot of HD memory, but crap RAM, video cards, no keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. BULL.


Do you require it to be pre-built or are you capable of assembling it yourself from parts?

I’ll have to go with pre-built.