They’re pretty sure this is actually the FIRST one made.


Is there some unwritten law that states that every animutation must contain at LEAST one image of Colin Mocherie?

AlbinoBlackSheep STILL doesnt load for me…

Lucky for you IonMage =P

Yes, it was pointed out in “Dash” that they all must have Colin Mocherie appear in them.

That was…wierd. I thought it would never end, and was even half of it about pokemon?

Lucky indeed.
My eyes still hurt.

Damned if I know. But didn’t that one guy in the photograph look like Spike from Cowboy Bebop? :smiley:

OMG that was so awesome!!!


Oh, and by the way, I’d like to just say that something being inherently awful should not be THAT much of a barrier to enjoying it. :smiley:

after watching that i feel like im wearing a orlon sweater covered in codliver oil.

please exscuse me as i must now claw out my eyes. :moogle:

The idea of taking a song in another language and making a parody by tossing in random pictures that sound like the words they’re saying is a tad over-used.

@_@ oh. i’m scared now.

It didn’t make me dizzy i just felt scared. i was wimpering through the whole thing. I hate it but i can’t stop watching it.

Yes, but I’m pretty sure that when this one was made, it hadn’t been used before. :3

Pika- Pikachu! Chu!!

(I Heard #010 - キャタピー Kyatapii (Caterpie))

Big Nutter
Reminder: 5.10 Pokémon Sky 1 (Weekdays ex Mon).

All the other dancing photographs I understand, but what do Bill Nye and Hamburgaler have to do with Pokemon?

Nothing. Why do you ask? :smiley:

Ah yes, more crazy flash…

sorry, didn’t mean to post here.