I find this more than a little disturbing.

Speaking in tongues, weeping for salvation, praying for an end to abortion and worshipping a picture of President Bush ; these are some of the activities at Pastor Becky Fischer’s Bible camp in North Dakota, “Kids on Fire,” subject of the provocative new documentary, “Jesus Camp.”

Teaching children to be militant asshats should be a capital offense.

I can’t believe that. I mean…

Who would waste so much posting space?

Speaking in tongues is rooted in the New Testament. It’s generally misapplied, but it’s nothing militant. I don’t see anything wrong with weeping for salvation either, but I do not know the context it occurred in. Same with the Bush scene.

Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, //
With the Cross of Jesus going on before.

Well, seeing a mass of people that into anything with a definite lack of healthy apathy is disturbing.

This is a nice paralel to the Hitler Youth.

Indeed. It would stop terrorism.

It’s nothing but yet another sad example of fanaticism. It wouldn’t even have been mentioned if it wasn’t for the bit about worshipping a picture of President Bush.

One of my friends was sent to a camp like this organization, where she got one of the right-wing girls hooked on heroin. As a result, I like to think that for every lesbian forced into one of these camps, a right-wing “good girl” will O.D. in a couple years, but I’m really hideously mysanthropic most of the time.

Or the Sons of Italy (correct me if that’s not what Mussolini’s ‘kids’ were called).

It’s America. You people really do have everything.

Right. Because things like this only happen in America. :wink:

Seriously, tough: The best thing we can teach our children is, not to be apathetic, but to DOUBT. To never take anything as 100%, garanteed to be true. Not religion, not the Government, not even their loved ones. Not all the time, of course, but always to leave room for some moment where you ask yourself, “But what if…?” People, by nature, just want to cling to a set of beliefs and never question them. That is why things like this happen.

Life can be fucked up.

I read the little things and thought to myself,
Sounds like a parody to that one song that has the line “these are a few of my favorite things”

On a related subject, on Halloween, I intend to spend my night outside of a right-wing “Hellhouse” handing out Trojan Magnums (which are prophylactics, for those who do not know) to anyone entering or exiting the house of age to make use of them.
I intend to measure just how long it is before I end up getting in a fight with someone in the name of a deity who stressed turning the other cheek.
The cynical side of me bets I won’t make it to sunset without a bruise under each eye.

While I think you guys are seriosly messed up and don’t agree with what you say, I’ll say i’ve seen this on television, and these kids are totally messed up too,

This reminds me of Jim Jones, that damn lunatic.