I finally got the Lunar: SSSC collectors box set!!

Except I can’t get it to work on my PAL console with my PSX Change 2 boot disc.

Looks like I’ll need to get it chipped after all.

Darn for extra costs.

Very good game though. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it didn’t work on your system.

Congrats! I think you should get the disc images for the game, but keep the cool extras. I’d kill for that cloth map and all that neat stuff, but I’d commit triple homicide for the Eternal Blue boxset!

Really? Cause I have three people in mind and an EB boxset right here . . . just kidding. Although I do have the boxset. It cost more than $70 on the release date.

Mine includes everything [2 game CDs, music, making of, hardbound manual], except unfortunately the cloth map.

So how much could it be worth?

I guess it depends on the condition. That was pretty pricey back in the day, and they’re probably pretty rare these days, even if the game isn’t (I believe WD still sells them.) I payed 50 dollars for the Collectors Edition of the game (which was just the game with the contest winner’s fanart on the discs, nothing extra), and the game was worth every penny. But the box set with all the cool stuff… I really don’t know; depends on the condition as I said, and who you sell it to.

but I’d commit triple homicide for the Eternal Blue boxset!

>> << Hides his Eternal Blue box set I got nothing here!

L:SSSC is a very good game,get a system that works and play it ASAP.

Yeah, I’ll mod chip mine once my exams are over, if I can afford it then.

I’ll hide nothing, bask in the glory that are both the Lunar box sets and Arc the Lad Collections.

I got L:SSSC and Arc the Lad Collections, but I will kill my secondborn child if it will guarantee me an Eternal Blue Box Set.

ditto. Hell, I even bought Vanguard Bandits for the Lunar 2 demo. Then again, I’ve played Vanguard Bandits a lot more than I did Lunar 2…