I feel like shit

I’m really sad, as my dog died today. She was 14, but she was put down. Yesterday she didn’t go outside and she ruptured an abscess on her leg, with about a litre of pus coming out in total. I really feel terrible, and I want to post a picture, but I’m hilariously inept at computers, so I’ll wait.

Ah… ouch.
“The biggest curse upon many humans is that they outlive their pets.”
~I forget.

Our dog,Barney, was 16 when she died. Never was there nor will ever be a more grizzled dog than Her, she of the three-legged survivors. sniff

Lost my dog recently too, it’s tough, but it sounds like it was for the best. A liter of puss can’t be healthy at all. She got a more dignified deat than most people.

Try this on for size: My first dog got a dog form of Alzheimers and we put him down when he was 14, our first cat was hit by a car, our second cat was hit by a car and our third cat was poisoned by a vet. And our second dog was poisoned with slug poison by our neighbors. Did I mention the death of the cats and the second dog all happened within a 3-4 year period?

No one can possibly beat Zero.

That’s sad…my cat is almost 13 and I’m expecting her to go soon…I don’t want her to because when I remembr my childhood I remember her. I know my cat more than I know most of my friends, her behavior, her habits, her…smell…I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when she goes or if I’ll want another cat. She’s like a best friend in some way, I never even spoke to her as an animal before, just as a person. I talk to her as if she could answer me, and I like to torture her with string or make weird noises to her her tail flicking (it’s fun to annoy my kitty). She tolerants me and let’s me know when I’m pushing her buttons a bit too much and she’ll associate herself with me only on <i>her</i> time. In other words she’s very independant and I can’t imagine life without her. Sad fact of reality :frowning: Sorry had to vent, I can sympathize with the loss of a pet…

For many years I had a female cocker spaniel. She was playful, very loyal and really friendly. She used to come running every time I returned from school, and she was usually the first to greet any guests, usually by jumping them.
She had a strange interest in rocks, especially in stones from the sidewalk, which she kept carrying away.
For me, she was a great friend.
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. She grew old and started suffering from tumors. After each surgery, she seemed well, but there was always another one lurking. I felt horrible, and I knew she wouldn’t last long. Even though she lasted a bit more than the vet was expecting, she died at the age of 12, during another operation, which was a final, desperate attempt to save her.
I don’t usually talk about her, and that’s because a part of me vanished along with her. Sometimes, the horrible grief I felt when I lost her comes back. It’s not something I’d want anyone to go through.

I would really miss my cat the day he dies, probably more than a lot of people.

My condolences.

I’m sorry to hear that, Baku, but it was a dignified, painless death at least. Which sounds horrible, but it’s all I can say :confused:

I’m sorry to hear that as well. I put down my 14 year onld springer spaniel last summer. She had arthritus really bad and the humid summer was torture for her because we had no air conditioning. We then discovered that she had a tumor in her spleen. She was in so much pain, there wasn’t really anything we could do.


I still think about her almost everyday.

“our third cat was poisoned by a vet”


Yeah, that’s not funny at all Ave. Don’t be a jerk.

Sorry 'bout that. Just remember the good times. Relfect on the good times and it can make you feel better.

Why, what happened to Zero?

We gave up trying to keep lets after they died. We have bad luck with living things.

hugs everyone who’s lost a pet

Because of my dad’s allergies I’ve never really been able to have a pet. Anyway, to anyone who has lost a pet, or may lose a pet in the future, I offer my condolences.

Losing a pet may seem insignificant, but it’s far from that. A pet is a very special companion, especially one as loyal as a dog. I’m very sorry… 8(

You could and should have a memorial or something for her. You know, to reflect on the good times? And you could perhaps bury her in the backyard, as we did with our dearly departed kitty Cujo? He loved the backyard, and that’s why he’s still there today.