I don't know what to say

Jing and me ain’t livin’ down in Stockholm, nor does Poke. Feel sorry for Wert instead :mwahaha:

As if he’d ever have the chance to — gets killed by sudden Tux rain

I’m gonna agree with what DT said >>;

This would be a great idea if it wasn’t so humiliating. The last thing I want during a sexual encounter is a big van with a condom on it.

Flies to Sweden, calls the number, and orders a vanload

It’s always best to be prepared! :mwahaha:

At least it doesn’t have sirens or flashing lights.

Yeah, but does it have the jaunty little ice cream man song? Cuz that makes it worthwhile…

ding a ling a ling ling, ding ding, ding a ling

or “pop goes the weasel,” or something

And all the horny boys come a runnin out into the street with their pants half down… squealing “Condom man! Condom man!” and lining up with money in their hands…

That’d be cool.

Well, maybe not for the driver…

“available between four in the afternoon and nine at night”

I dunno about you all, but I don’t think that schedule is gonna fit the sex habits of a lot of peoeple. I guess you can always get them ahead of time… but then again, you could always just get them ahead of time ON YOUR OWN!

There’s places you can get free condoms anyway. For more info, you can go to a website relating to college and humor, whose URL I cannot give out because it contains a lot of porn links. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s the one who will call it all the time: Just to make all his neighbours think he can actually get laid. *Nod, nod.