I don't know what to say


Words cannot describe how I feel about this. I want one.

I enjoy that it shall be coated in a layer of awesomeness.

Didn’t this already happen a few years ago?



Good thing the RX-98-2 is a relatively small giant robot. Imagine them trying to build the Nu.

You fuckers do realize this is all a ruse to distract us from the real Mobile Suits they are building and planning to take over the world with, do you?

That’s the kind of world I wouldn’t mind living in.

Don’t we have those dragoon lumberjacks? I’m sure we can retrofit them with parts left over from Bush’s Star Wars endeavor.

It’s actually even more intricate. This is the first true Gundam. nobody will expect it when it destroys us all.


This was such a good read this morning. From what I’ve read, it’s not the only one built, but it’ll probably the largest (actually standing up).

Though it’ll blow my mind if they actually get one working. (Of course, they gotta find a good pilot first! lol)

It wouldn’t surprise me if they did have some already made. Just waiting on something to destroy everything and enslave us all.

You know it’s all win and own until somebody loses their cute/hot girlfriend/love interest. And the moment one of these suckers takes to the skies will be the moment I stop lamenting about being a lonely shut-in.

Yes – http://kotaku.com/gaming/clip/tour-of-giant-gundam-284660.php

Oh no! The enemy is already this far ahead of me? Assistant, grab my wrench! We’re uping the timetable on the mechO.R.I. project!

It’s bigger than their economy these days

Update: It’s done!

Great. Now all we need is a giant life size Godzilla for it to battle.

It could look a bit better -minor quip-, but I think it’s a great idea nevertheless. Statues’ coolness is generally owed either to aesthetics or to the person honoured. Considering how many indifferent statues (local politicians the major liked) exist, Gundam doesn’t hurt - and I’ve never seen the show.

YES!!! That would be awesome. Mind you Godzilla would dwarf the Gundam. It would be like a bear fighting a Chihuahua.

A bear fighting a chihuahua? Would it be a… Gay bear?