I dont even know if this belongs here

<embed src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/charlemagne/Track06.mp3” width=“144” height=“50” loop=“true”

oh well, I made this, enjoy

The ending sounds familiar somehow.

Thats kind of weird but cool in the same way.

Wait a minute the beginning part is from FF9.

Ok i heard the rest of the song now and it kind of scares me. Banana Phone! Ya

Banana… phone?

Oddly enough I think that song suits ya Charle. It was just so unexpected, so you in other words!

Banana phone? What the fuck are you talking about?

Oh, you know exactly what we are talking about!

Unless of course you never listen all the way to the end of your song-thing.

You guys are stupid, I hear no change in the song

Dude, don’t mess around and turn it down.

Thats a really pretty piano piece. Youre a true artist Charl. I dont know what they are talking about with this stupid bananna phone crap again either. They just can’t appriciate your art.

Very good, though I wonder how you were able to upload the music file.

:eek: The transistion cought me off gaurd.

Beautiful, sir.

Okay I think both Charle, and Izlude, are suffering from a case of selective hearing right now.

Thank you charl, the song is so addicting.

That was awesome. I’m never going to be able to casually play that fight scene again, but I think it’s worth it! :cool:

It’s the best!
Beats the rest!

Hella catchy song! :hyperven: :dancer: :wave: :runaway: