I didn't see anyone else mentioned it, so...

.hack//MUTATION came out today. Anybody gotten it yet? I’m trying to finish my replay through the Suikoden series before I start it (and Aria of Sorrow, and Lufia which both also came out today).

Not interested in the .hack series. Maybe later, but I’m strapped for cash as it is. There are other things I’m interested in.

Odd, Cro didn’t make a thread about it. Anyway, I wonder if they plan on adding anything notable to the gameplay for the third or fourth one, or if it’s going to be same old, same old all the way home…

Maybe Blizzard should make a game about playing Diablo 2…|-P

I don’t know, I thought .hack//INFECTION was hella-bad-ass. It’s simple, the story’s pretty addictive, etc. I hate to say it, but I probably got into that more than I did Xenosaga or BoF:DQ.

Eh, It sounds like a that’s mainly sidequests. But, unlike SaGa Frontier or Romancing SaGa 3 for example, you can comfortably beat the game without doing any real exploring. That’s just what it comes off to me as. I like that about SaGa Frontier and RS3. You don’t really know WHAT the hell to do, other than a vague idea or two. Just like as if you really WERE a person that wasn’t well travelled or well-experienced, you really do have to figure it out for yourself if you wanna finish. That, I love that.

I loved .hack//INFECTION, and, hopefully, I’m going to get .hack//MUTATION this weekend. It’s supposed to be longer and better than the first game, which is really something, since Infection was really good itself.

Something else I like is being able to upload data into the sequels, which lets you use items you couldn’t in the first game, like the Book of Law and the Book of Iron.

The anime I’d want to watch…the game however…well let’s say I enjoy Xenosaga and BoF : DQ a whole hell of a lot and I can’t wait for Unlimited Saga even if Mythe looks like Michael Jackson ^^