I demand substances!! and justice

Me, being the representative of CC’s lawyer, declare that the closing of his thread was due to a social misunderstanding of the concept of teh funneh. Certain individuals, labeled Urkani from now on, have made arguable claims that CC is missing “teh funneh”. I must propose that “teh funneh” is most likely an abstract concept to a person of Urkani’s stature and is not to be slanderized by his general upbrinings and personally unjust feelings, which would certainly NOT rectify his arguement. I here by close this case by the precedent of Markenhammers law. Commence to jigglin’!

Some one bring in the Clown!
We need “teh funneh”!

There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

I respond with a clearly reputible delay, one that which you cannot match!! HAhaha!! HAHAH!!!

No hay banda! There is no band. It is all an illusion…

The question of whether CC has ‘teh funny’, or ‘funnehium laughide’, as it is scientifically known, has never been categorically proven. To this end I propose a research team composed of Eddie Izzard, Jay Leno, some reseracher guy to do the actual work, and the body of Sammy Davis Junior, possibly based at the Jet Propulsion Labs, to be established and given a 4 Bajlillion dollar grant to prove the exitence of ‘teh funneh’, how to extract it from common mineral ore, and whatever military applications it may have, such as the disintegration of humourless bastards such as Stalin, Bush, and terrorists.

In my defense, I must say that you are a poo poo head.

The jury finds the defense attourney poorly dressed and obnoxious. We sentence him to death by “your ad here” weight.


Case dismissed. Now is cookie eating time!
I judge who lives and die, so I should be able to judge if it is case time or cookie eating time. *Nod, nod.

Originally posted by Nulani
Case dismissed. Now is cookie eating time!
I judge who lives and die, so I should be able to judge if it is case time or cookie eating time. *Nod, nod.

hah, I can’t disagree too that. Here here!

This is a clear travesty of justice! I deserve to be locked in prison, beaten to death by burly men, and eaten by wolves!

Teh funneh is suspected to be synonymous with weapons of mass destruction, and therefore is now considered to be apart of the Axis of Evil<font size=“1”> ™ </font>

Teh funneh is allied with the Germans now eh? Times have changed. I declare justice to be dealt with a bullet.


I’m afraid there is no bullet. Just the Ace of Swords, Ten of Cups, the Tower, the Devil, and Death.


What in the Nine Flying Hells of Bathmont was that, Sorc? o_O



Don’t mind me. I just came for the cookies. grabs a cookie and sneaks off

In the Soviet Union, teh_funneh has YOU!*

*This would be funnier if I knew what this was a reference to.