I demand 984 be removed as channel op!

I know the ops like to joke ban and kick people at time, and I in the past got banned for doing some stupid stuff. But 984 crossed the line today by putting me on a 12 hour ban…for doing nothing. I was away and had my logs running and after just making a comment about April Fools Day and another one about the pope is when I left. But then 984 goes and first put Pierson on ban for a minute for no reason and then unbans him…but then a minute after that he kickbans me from the chat with a message saying “User is banned until 12 PM”. It been a few hours since that and I am still banned.

This isn’t the first time 984 has banned people for no reason at all or some really lame reason. I don’t like to say this stuff about my follow staffers, but he crossed the line banning someone just for saying nothing, without even giving me a good reason for banning me.

The log for the chat is below, with the last entry is when I got banned.




Well OBVIOUSLY it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

You are all as funny as getting struck by a Morningstar on the testicles.

Seeing a person get struck in the testicles with a morningstar would be pretty damn funny.

Now that you mention it, I guess it would.

Rirse I got banned about seven times after you got banned, but I don’t complain because IT’S A FUCKING JOKE. If he was banning people because they didn’t agree with him or something then I’d complain, but he’s just having some fun. Jesus man, lighten up. It’s becaus you complain so damned much that he does this.

Joke bans are “fun” and all, but when the person being banned doesn’t perceive it as a joke, it ceases to be one.

Therefore, if Rirse doesn’t like to be joke banned, no OPs should joke ban him. Period.

!kb Hiryuu

I demand that pants be removed from channel ops!

I demand that pants be removed from YOUR MOM.

Oh wait, TOO LATE.

vote hiryuu for king of pants in 08

Ooh, can I be his running mate, and run for King of No-Pants?

That’s fucking brilliant. Only you could think of something like that.

No I’m brilliant too

Well not on weekdays

cless is a weekend warrior

MENSA warrior that is!

Ok 1 the problem with this post is that a redneck using a comp’ posted this. strikes peirson with a morning star once hard in his testicles
And 2 no one should abuse their mod powers or w/e and just ban people for no reason that’s worse than disagreeing with them.
strikes pierson with morning star over and over and over again in the testicles
I’m right you’re wrong. If you abuse your powers like that then you have no right to have them.

Yes, this has gone on for long enough now.

Elk, we’re ops, not mods. Wrong part of the RPGCommunity.