I could watch this all day long. o.o

I felt this deserved a thread. From the makers of the giant coca cola-mentos- fountains, I bring you…
280,000 sticky notes, creating cascades made of awesome. Enjoy.

I’ll try to watch it again later, it’s rather bumpy for me right now. edit: I watched it on youtube after all. Lower quality but smoother. A rather calming video.

weird. runs smoothly for me :o

Heh, I’ve done stuff like this at work with sticky pads, but never on such a grand scale. But it’s pretty awesome to watch…kinda mesmerizing.

Neat! :smiley:


Just whoa.

The same thing happens to my office whenever I take LSD during my lunch break. <.<

Meh. I found the music to be a little obnoxious… very typical modern “science” music used in contemporary science television shows. The sticky pads were neat though.

I reminded me of all the fun I had with the Slinky.

So truly amazing, and beautiful to watch. This makes me happy in a delightfully immature way. I have become at one with the universe, through misused office supplies.

congratulations on wasting my time