I can't remember where my shrine is

I started a Persona 2 shrine about a year ago, and I did quite a bit of work on it, but I never finished. Now the Innocent Sin patch has been released (AND IS AWESOME Y’ALL) so I’m playing through that and it reminded me of my unfinished shrine.

But, I can’t remember how to access it with FTP! Somebody remind me how to do updates! Thanks.

ftp://ftp.rpgclassics.com Login with persona2ep and your password. If you don’t remember it, let me know so I can reset it. It’d be nice if you could convert it to the new templates..


[edit: I have indeed forgotten my password.]

Uh-oh, template trouble!

I just updated one of the pages in my shrine. Previously, it worked fine with the TOC and the template. But the new version – even though the only changes were to a couple of internal links – has for some reason lost contact with the TOC and template, and appears as just the bare html.

This page:


used to look nice like this page:



Figured it out – looks like I’m going to have to paste in the new TOC format into every single page of my shrine.


No you don’t. We’ve stopped using .shtml, we use .php, so .shtml code isn’t parsed anymore. Download an unedited page and have a look at it or have a look at the new templates.

Text like this: <!–#include virtual=“toc.txt” --> shouldn’t be there anymore. It should look more like <?php include(“tocfetch.php”); ?>. That script will grab and parse any toc.txt found in the same directory, one or two directories above it, or in a directory called includes.

The new templates build the toc very differently. You’ll want to have a look at the toc.txt included and read here.

Thanks. Time to level up my php, I guess!