I cant get 100% on Super Mario World

I have completed both exits on all the red levels I have finesehed the secert world I have got past the lava pit in the forest fortress, I have found the seceret in valley ghost hous, I have found the top secert area and I only have a 96 with a star before it

The number on the menu is not a percentage; it is the number of exits you’ve found. There are 96 exits. The star indicates that you’ve found them all.

Flying over the lava pit in the forest fortress does not count as a different exit since unless you know the trick to replay fortresses you can only play through them once, so each fortress only has one exit.

Congradulations, you do have 100%.


thats pretty funny. but i bet there were hundreds of people who thought the same thing

I doubt that.

When I was like 11, I had 95 exits found, so I sent a letter to Nintendo Power asking how to get the one in Valley Ghost House I couldn’t reach, and also if there were any more I was missing somewhere. The guy who replied told me that that was the last one I needed and congratulated me because I will have completed the game after that last one.

Did he ever tell you where to find it, Flint?

Yeah, I just left that out cause it wasn’t really important to the story.

Kinda relevent - I wrote Nintendo Power once to find out where all the Heart Tanks were in Mega Man X and they wrote me back with detailed instructions. Man, Nintendo Power back in the day was the shit.