I can't f**kin' save Xenogears on my PS2

So I bought a damn good conditioned copy of Xenogears last saturday. I’m getting around to playing it by now. What pissed me off is the fact that on the PS2 I’m using, it WON’T FRIGGIN’ SAVE! I’ve tried two different PS1 mem. cards, and kept on getting data failures. They both work fine for other games ( Parasite Eve, FFT.)

Anyone had this problem before?

I usually was able to save on PS1 memory cards. I can’t remember the last time a ps1 game saved on a ps2 card.

That’s a little strange. I haven’t had that problem with Xenogears, but I have with some other PS games. Specifically Lunar: EBC - in that case, though I always figured it was because Working Designs tinkered with the saving method so that you could fit more saves on a card.

Well I played it with my gamestop card; it was all right until a certain boss on disk 2 that kept freezing. (Some people don’t reccomend playing it with a GAmestop card at all.) So you should at least hook up the old PS1.

Oh yeah, and the online PS2 never switches discs for PS1 games, at least for me. Try it and it’ll just stay at the change disc screen.