I can't download anything on my new laptop...

I bought a new Dell Inspiron. I can’t seem to download anything.
I cant even get it to get me firefox. So I am stuck with IE, which I hate.
I need to be able to save files from the website for my school.
I would also like to be able to do other things, like download torrents, which is impossible right now.
I checked the settings in IE, and downloading is supposed to be enabled.
I am not good at computers.

Hmm…that sounds odd, but fixable by all means.

How do you connect to the Internet? By wireless or directly to the router?
What happens when you do try to download something? Error box or nothing?
Do you have a Firewall or Virus Scanner? If so, what brand? It’s possible these could be causing issues.

My computer came w/ 15 months of Mcafee. I made sure the firewall for that and windows firewall was off. Things act like they’re downloading, like, I can click download, then run to install something. Then, it just goes poof. If I try to save it it acts like it works then fucks up.

I have a wireless router. I can browse the interwebs okay.

If I try to use Utorrent, for example, I can click to download a torrrent from piratebay and it just wont show up. if i try to save the torrent, it will show up as saved. then if i try to click add torrent it will say cannot save c:/gnjkdsfgkhwhgrgh.torrent or something to the effect.

I only care about that because I dont have $100 to but Word for my new computer. I had Word on my old one.I need it for school.

You’ll need to right-click on the thing you want to download, choose “Save Target As” and then save it to where you want it. The one-click downloads for IE on the Ispirons send them to a temp folder, preventing one-click program installations or saves.

After the first day I used it, I guess it stopped PMSing and let me get my firefox and such downloaded. The only continuing problem is that Utorrent wont work right. I tested the connection and everything like it prompts you to, but it says it cant save whatever.torrent. If I click magnet link on thepiratebay it crashes. I got bittprent, which looks identical to utorrent, and that works. i guess its just a matter of principle that I want to figure out what it wrong with utorrent.

If you’re using internet from a public place or school, they sometimes have firewalls set up to prevent anyone on their network from downloading torrent files, could this be it? I’ve never heard of a home network preventing download of a specific file type, so I’m not sure about that if you’re at home. How many times have you tried the links on thepiratebay? Maybe your going on when bunches of others are and the bandwidth is being exceded. That’s odd that bT works but uT doesn’t. What about uTorrent doesn’t work?

When i try to click add torrent directly from the site, it just doesnt do anything. if i save torrent, then add torrent and choose it from the save, it says whatever.torrent cannot be saved. If i click magnet link, it crashes uT. And Im on my home internet. Weird.