i cant beat emerald weapon can you help

I have completed ff7 and my party is this

cloud lv 87
tifa lv 83
vincent lv 84

i have all materia in the game including all the special 1s all the limit breaks mastered and materia mastered and beaten sephiroth easily. now emeral weapon is too tough i dont know why but i am killing myself trying to win. can you help

Mime KotR. No, really. It works.

Alternatively, master 8 counters and 8 mimes and have fun Omnislashing him to death.

I beat him at level 60…lol.

Yeah do that…about ten or so KotR should do it.

you can put a fury on cloud and start with it and then my omnislash just killed him lol are there anymore secret bosses other than emeral weapon and ultima weapon

huh? You beat Emerald with omnislash? that’s a first… And yes, there’s one more secret boss, that’s Ruby Weapon. He’s the funny red thing you see in the desert by the golden saucer.

And Emerald weapon is really easy. All you need is knights of the round, w-summon, final attack paired with pheonix, and then a mime on each character. Just cast kotr with w-summon and keep miming. and put on those shoes that give you haste automatically, that will help a lot.

well i cant find ruby weapon is he hard to find are you talking about corel prison where you get sent because dyne killed those people

I think it only appears once you beat Ultima Weapon. It’s not IN the desert, but it’s on the world map on the desert. It just walks around, it kind of looks like one of those hooded guys you see in nibelheim. You cannot miss it at all if it’s there.

It kind of looks like a phoenix feather sticking out of the sand, if that helps. And you have to ram the airship into it, I think.

No not necesarily. I ran into it with a gold chocobo :slight_smile:

Equip 2 pieces of materia on someone with 9999 HP and wait for Aire Tam Storm. Lucky 7 ensues. Like they say, KOTR+Mime and limit breaks (Omnislash, Highwind and Catastrophe) work well. If you’re desperate and don’t mind a little cheat, dupe 99 Megalixirs (I won without doing it though).

Aire Tam Storm= Mat eria Storm. Most people know this, but the more materia you have equiped, the more damage it does. Equip only what you need to mime KOTR a few times, and some HP Plus materia, just for those annoying little glowing balls that use lasers.

Man, when I fought Emerald the other day, I mimed so fast that he only got in like 2 attacks. The first one hit cloud, and I was like “oh shit clouds gonna die” but he didn’t. Then he attacked after like 9 or 10 Kotr’s and then Yuffie counterattacked and killed him, hah.

Lucky Seven won’t kill him. Did you know it ends? :frowning: (I think it goes about 64 times, but I could be wrong)

I went into battle with no KOTR, Lucky Seven, and ready limits.

By my estimate I took out about half his life, before he killed me.

It’s a good starter, since it does so much before he can even attack, (one HELL of a Sneak Attack :P) but it won’t do the job by itself.

well, it’s been a while, but I think my own battle went something like this;
I had a right old laugh w-summoning KOTR and miming it on him, but after a while he always semed to counter it by killing me at least once. After final-attack-phoenix, I had to waste a go regaining MP to summon KOTR again. THEN he started draining my characters of mp b4 killing them so i couldn’t use phoenix. The point I’m trying to make is that i had to fall back upon quad magic-Bahamut Zero-mime and finally w magic-ultima-mime before the git began to flash red. By the way, when you do kill him, don’t skip your EXP screen;Aah! sweet satisfaction!

Exactly 1111HP per piece of materia. So 9999-1111*2=7777. It won’t kill it but meh, it’s always some (almost) free beatin’.

Use dazers (the things that paralyze enemies that you get from someone on the way to the Ancient’s City) on Ruby when you get to him. Makes life a whole lot easier.

Normal items like that actually work? Why not use a spell that paraylzes it, then?

Yeah, I find using Hades is way easier. I usually go into a battle with Ruby with two of my guys dead, and I make the remaining character use w-summon pheonix and hades, after Ruby puts down his claws of course.

Well, at the time I didn’t know what Hades actually did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hades kicks so much arse! - Apart from just the damage, status always helps out in any fight… I killed Ruby and Emerald Weapons with KoTR and Hades and Mime…