I cannot submit my site to RPGClassics.com, why?

Also a lot of RPGCLASSIC’s e-mails aren’t working, why the heck can’t I? My site is and I hate to sound like I’m spamming but I’ve been trying to submit it to your LINKS section for like months now, what the heck is going on? :bowser: By the way, hi and late merry christmas.

Firstly, don’t spam our forums because we WILL ban you. Secondly, we already addressed this the last time you spammed our forums. If you don’t remember, do a search.

Merry Christmas :maho:

Grrr, someone closed this thread. Could you make a few more so we can discuss this KingPaulos? If they get closed just keep making more threads until this issue is settled.

The issue had been settled. Its only a matter of time before we kill the links section anyway.

man we shouldn’t get all Carlito’s Way on John Leguizamo here, we might end up getting shived in a subway station.

I believe the correct term is “shanked” good sir.

Hey I can post in closed threads now! :smiley:

The proper answer to the title question would have been “Because you touch yourself.” Everyone here gets a demerit.