I can’t believe it, I LIKE WORKING.

Humans are silly, they like to live structured and uniform lives. They also like authorities to command them around. Silly humans.

Actually, I like my job too.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I so want to get a job at my local Gamestop too. If only to shop the coplete retards there how to serve a customer correctly. Alas, the lack of a liscence and a car make that dream a hard one to attain.

Sadly there are no Gamestops were I live.:too bad;
Oh well, there’s always Electronics Botique.

Originally posted by Kairi
If I ever got around to it, I could get a job at Toys R Us, or something, but I’ve heard horror stories about jobs from my friends. It’s surprising to hear something positive about working.

In the name of all that is holy and good, DON’T get a job at TRU, especially at this time of year. I work there, and it’s not a very good environment in which to work (mostly because the head office is incompetent). I have no problems with working, I just dislike idiots who change my work schedule every night all the time. (I stock shelves at night.)

/me wants a job.

One day I will work…