I am in need of your help on the internet!

All of the font on webpages is stupidly big now, and I’m not sure how it changed. My parents prolly fooled with some of the settings, so I am here to fool them back. Any clue how to change the font on webpages?

For example: On google after I search something, all the results are like size 36 font.


Not doing anything. :frowning:

Edit: As in, no window is popping up. What is supposed to happen when I hit that? And should I do it with like, google up (for example)

What browser do you use? That resets font size to default in firefox. Regardless, you can manually set it by going to view - text size in both firefox and IE.

If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, hold Ctrl and scroll up.

Awesome, thanks to both of you

For future reference the menu is located in View -> Text Size

Nice one Cless. Nice one.

You mean like this:

I did not have my monocle at the time of the posting of my message on the internet, jerk >:(

And thanks to Cless Alvein! And special thanks to BigNutter, the “Big Nut,” if you know what I mean.