I am fucked.

So today I wanted to go get an ICEE at Burger King, right? One of those coke ones… mmm… but anyway, this guy is in the “enter” part trying to exit. I enter as normal, because that’s uh… the entrance. Then this guy opens his window, and I’m stupid enough to open mine as well.

He says to me, “What the fuck is your problem?”

Then I get really pissed, because he was in the entranceway of a Burger King and then has the nerve to ask me what MY problem is. Well, I let into him, basically telling him that he was in the fucking entranceway, and that the fucking exit was over there… then I close my window. I go into the drivethrough and this guy is still behind me, and is seriously creeping me out. He writes down something, which I assume is my license plate number.

Great. Maybe he’s going to try to kill me. More likely he’s going to call the cops or the insurance company. I don’t know what could happen, if anything.

I know I shouldn’t have lost my temper, but hindsight is 20/20, so… what I more want to know is what can this guy do? Can I get a ticket for swearing at a guy who swore at me? If so, I think that’s more than a little messed up. I think that if this goes to the cops, and he tells a story, that they are more likely going to believe him because he’s older than I am, and that is how cops do things. It really irritates me. Grar. >_<

My mother does say that the cops would probably throw it out, as it’s pretty frivolous. Buuuut she is worried that they’ll call the insurance company.

I can’t imagine anything would come of it. The cops wouldn’t waste their time on something like that, and you could easily call the insurance company yourself if anything shows up on your record, and tell them that he was going the wrong way, and started screaming at you first, and you were simply defending yourself. Sounds simple enough to me, anyway.

Don’t waste your time trying to deal with stupid people like that. He’s got nothing he can use against you, and I never heard or read about getting tickets for swearing at other people (unless you swore at an authority in duty, which does not seem to be the case).

What an adventure!

See, this is the result of doing drugs/drinking/smoking.

Kids, don’t do drugs/drink/smoke.

Huh? what does drinking, consuming drugs, or smoking have to do with this?

Clearly that guy was on something, was he not? Unless he’s a total retard

Either is a distinct possibility…

I’d say don’t worry about it, in all probability, theres nothing he can do. Even calling the insurance company is meaningless, as theres no insurance rate increase for being annoyed with idiots. Technically, there are laws against swearing in public in 1/2 the country, but the odds of it being enforced in that situation are less than 0.

He’s either trying to intimidate/bully you, or he truly and really is dumb enough to think he has some sort of ground to take legal recourse against you.

Did you get his plate number? Report a reckless driver who’s disregarding street signs and entering drive thrus at their exit point… :slight_smile:

Yes. You are fucked.

You should have taken a picture of the dumbass coming out from the entry passage and sell it to mass media, or publish in the internet. just for the sake of giving that guy the embarassment of his life.

hey, how do you know he was writing down your license plate number? maybe he was writing in his DIARY or something AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! :hahaha;

There are always jerks everywhere… When it’s not batty old crones who call the cops just because some kids are playing with balls in front of their windows, it’s some idiot who can’t even follow simple directions… -_-

From the title of the thread I thought it was Setz related >.>

Meh, I don’t think he can do ANYTHING at all.

i doubt you will get into trouble, and if you do for swearing, he swore at you first, so jokes on him.

Everything’s Setz related these days. Even this thread now that you’ve brought him up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a LiveJournal? :smiley:

Anyway, don’t sweat it. The guy was a moron. Besides, I would have bitched him out too. I do things like that.

If i got tickets for cussing in public… i’d be living in poverty.
Unless you gave me a dime for every idiot i ran into(not literally) on the road, then i would break about even. My most repeated remark, “How do these fuck nuts get drivers licenses ?” I have grown up a little though, I don’t cuss when there are kids around. Maybe i should stop cussing around the kids on here ? It does sometimes send the wrong message.

from what I can tell there are only four actual kids out of the thosands of users on this board so I wouldn’t worry about it.

now back on genericposter’s problem maybe the guy wrote down your licence number so the next time you go to burger king he can destroy your car or somthing.

:moogle: or you know beat the crap out of you but thats a little extreme.

Four, only four!?
Jeez, I thought there would’ve been more… did you count me?