:biggrin: :wave: It is great being back and I have missed everyone. I have been busy with college and hope to get good grades so I won’t have to drop out of college.

Its funny how these people with barely any posts say they’re back.

Well i have been busy if no one has read what I said.

Welcome back…? I do think I’ve seen you before, but I dunno.


I most definantly don’t remember you. Mind, I’m surprised people remember me, so that doesn’t amount to much. Anywho, Welcome back.

I remember you vaguely but I still find it silly that someone with under 75 posts who isn’t a founder of this site thinks it’s important to make a welcome back thread.

Welcome back man. Good to see you again

HEY!! Welcome back man, i wondered where you went! :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

Hey dont make fun of me

I’m just trying to make an honest living, through the internet of course

IT’s also humorous that those of us who are staff/long time regulars will disappear for extended periods and not post about being back at all even though we’ve all got 1,000+ posts.

Bitch, I’ve got more posts than you do

Infact, this is called the every other method

Welcome back

I don’t have many posts, but I chat in the room a lot. Does that make me important enough to make one of these, should I ever need to? Anyway, welcome back, I guess.

No it’s not. Some people don’t care about attention to such things. It’s also conceited to assume that just because you’ve got a high post-count people care when you come back.

so i wasn’t the only one who was thinking that. yeah, it’s all right there, so i’ll throw in my ditto vote.

You’re all my bitches, so I don’t see the point in you all arguing about welcome back things and being older or newer members, you’re all equal below my iron fist, worms!

(Sinistral has not met the Oppression Quota for the week, so I’m picking up the slack a little)

You’re a jerk >:(

The Internet: Serious Buisness.