I <3 Eggs!

Eggs really are the best.~


Eden, oh man, that was so awesome.

That was sickeningly cute beyond words.

Awesomely cute.

So cute it’s disgusting already. Edey, just where do you always get all those freaky things from o.o

So cute, 2 months ago when I posted it… but still cute none the less.

go to www.iloveegg.com to get all the flash animations, I recommend the “race” one.

Not those again!

Seen it quite a few times already, still PWNs.

:hahaha; That is good.

I love eggs for a differnt reason.

Whoa!! WindyTWIT, Don’t fart untill after I leave! I, Nutty Nat, am Fully aware of the odour of egg being realiesed via flatulance!

WindyTWIT (Gaseus Anomolies!)
Pull my Finger!!!

Sickeningly cute.

I like eggs, but not that much. And that poor baby, being fed raw egg. Evil eggs, evil!