Hypothetical Question

If someone you weren’t on good terms with or hardly knew started being extremely friendly towards you for no reason, how would you react to the situation?

hmm…I’d think in the back of my mind that they might want something and I’d just be nice to them. Maybe they’re just trying to be a friend now.

Tell them to fuck off.

Ignore and dismiss them as though they acted the same way.

Let them continue, but be paranoid about it. Try to figure out what they’re really up to, but don’t let them know.

Suspicious. I’d probably tell them to fuck off, and if they came back then something, somewhere is either somewhat genuine, or somewhat perverted.

I would act apathic toward them until i found out what they wanted.

Originally posted by Alyx
I would act apathic toward them until i found out what they wanted.

Ditto, in fact I did do when I was in that situation.

I’d try to take it in stride, and meet their extreme friendliness with a splattering of extroverted, chaotic insanity (dancing around, crazy grinning, offhand comments that make no sense, “whoo-wah!s” galore, laughing for no reason but not at them, just at the world), to see whether or not their friendliness was genuine (if it was, they’d take my craziness in stride) or whether they were just trying to get something from me (in which case they’d decide that it wasn’t worth it to deal with a crazy person, and would stop being inordinately friendly). That way, it’s all good for me - either I get a new genuine friend (yay!) or somebody who I wouldn’t want to be my friend thinks I’m crazy and is afraid of me (yay!).

-Mazrim Taim

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<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I’d ask for money and pizza.

Well I’d probably be suspicious, and just ask them what the hell they wanted.

i agree with TD.

This has happened several times, and for some reason it scares me, gets me paranoid and very uncomfortable. Usually I don’t know how to react and, whatever I do, usually it’s stupid.

I’d be nice to them.

depends on how bad/not so bad i got along with that person.
there are things i can never forgive anyone,