Hurray for Religious Freedom!


School districts can be so narrow-minded in their view of what’s appropriate attire; it’s reassuring to know that the government supports our right to follow our religious beliefs publicly like this.

Yay! With any luck at all, the government is spontaneously mutating to actually have brains now!

Now to see if they have enough brains to deal with the gay marriage bit.

hurray. everyones going to worship a false god and go to hell anyway. so whats the point?

Now let’s see if France gets the hint. Somehow I doubt it. -_-

Me too cid ^^ Many europian countries (and russia) are growing strongly in their… brain dead… racism… and… ext thingies.

Now, people, what have we learned from this artical? That’s right, school uniforms = bad. Don’t wear them. It is a bar against our freedom of expresion! Or something. I don’t like uniforms, and they should only be worn in sexual fantisies >.>;; or something.

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You tell me.

And nice timing too.

Well, that’s good… if only it could be like this for everyone’s religious beliefs… meh, it’ll probably never happen… unfortunately…

Um…what IS the correct way to handle the gay marriage bit?

1- I never liked uniforms much when I had to wear them at a private school. Luckily the obligation to wear them was lifted later on.
2- Cala: I think that subject is still going to lead to a lot of discussion.
3- Eden: O_o;

I agree with Eden.

Homosexual genocide! Ha ha ha. No really, what do you think is the best way to handle it?

And that girl has a beard. Hehe.

Wait…politicians have brains?

The correct way to handle the ‘gay marriage bit’ is to do like they did to the Indians and put them all on reservations.

If that was supposed to be a joke, it sucked.

If that was supposed to be serious, you’re a fuckhead.