Humorous fanfictions!?

I can’t write humorous fanfictions. There was this one serious thing I started to called “Smacked Stupid”(The alternative destinies of some ordinary people who repeadetly get confused over some systemic anomaly) but felt just too stupid to laugh at( imagine Squall attacking a save point, or Laguna trying to uproot a draw point).

I can’t write humour fanfictions.

Maybe I’m just sadistical, cause I wanna see some pain in the fanfictions I write; especially on Squall cause he has missed just too many chances to shed his shell on Rinoa. But I can’t write it if there’s no pain! “No pain, no gain”, cause if nobody suffers, everything becomes all flowers, bees, butterflies, catterpillars( huh!?) etc., and I can’t make up a story! Physical pain, mental pain and torment is what makes me have a starting point.

Can someone help me? Is humour a natural talent, something that can’T be learned?

I like that idea of Squall attacking a save point, or Laguna trying to upweed a draw point. People who write FF8 fanfics don’t usually mention save points or draw points. If you do finish your fanfic, keep that in.

They don’t use it cause it’ll be… Hey, why the hell not? I mean look at the scene:


Ultimecia:My patience is running out SeeDs!


Squall:Did we save? There’s supposed to be a save point over here somewhere.

Zell:Yo, just concentrate!

Selphie:Ooh, I hate the battle scenes, it gets all dark, and then we wait till commands pop up, it’s stupid!

Ultimecia:Dat’s it!

Irvine: Wasn’t she supposed to say something else? Lokusts, generations, elusive, slave, compression, time, whatever.

Quistis: Anyone with a script?

I think that sounds really funny, save from the fact that it’s in script format. If you rewrite it in story format, I think you’ll have something really interesting.

okay… Then I’ll try to write it as a side-quest next to my current fanfic I’m working on. And I will display it publically when I’m done.

THank you so much.

I’m the same way, I can’t write himour. Well maybe humour, but in a current project I’m aiming for D Galloway/ KaiserVonAlmasy insanity. And I can’t do it ;_;

Insanity? I got loads of it, here…