Humm Computer.

Well I’ve been thinking about buying a new CPU recently, considering the fact that my P4 is already 5 years old and surpassed in every way AND that windows-XP is going to be outdated soon enough by its new sucessor which I can’t remember the name of for some reasons.

Some any of you, guys know the CPU field ?

Would it be more profitable to replace the main processor or to bough a whole new thing ?

Laptop ?

Windows Vista will definitely not overshadow XP anytime soon. Stick with XP for now.
As for CPUs, I’d say go with AMD as Intel has started crapping out lately in terms of design.
<a href=“”>Budget Parts Guide</a>
<a href=“”>PC Parts Picking Guide</a> (lotsa $$$)

Humm interesting links. Thanks for the links. And yes I think Vista is the name of Gates latest devil-son !

I actually think vista might be good, but I’ve never used it.

It might be good…but all the DRM that it comes with makes it shit, and not worth losing your online rights over.

DRM ? Online-rights ? Me is sooooooooo confused !

Vista is the first version of Windows to be a “trusted computing platform”, meaning that its built to take digital rights away from you, and give them to copyright holders. Meaning, it restricts what you can and cannot do with your own digital content.

If you want more information on the dangers of DRM, check out the some of these articles by the EFF:

So basicly what your saying is that Gates an’ his evil-empire are trying with their latest devilish-toy to control our every online-moves ? This is just insane.