HTTPS enabled on the Agora

Finally possible to browse the Agora on HTTPS. Go away government spies!

Dang, you caught me.

I think we mentioned converting the agora to nodeBB at some point. Is that still something to do later, or nah?

I try from time to time, yes. The converters aren’t that great though.

Congrats on your conversion to 3/4ers of 10k posts Nulani.

Also, HTTPS. This site might yet be 2010 ready. :V

But no, online work is a PitA when dealing with legacy systems and scripts. Especially in the wake of HTML5 upending everything and XP getting left in the retirement bin. So yes, congrats on getting HTTPS up and running on this old forum (of course, now that I’ve just said that, I kinda would like a forum maintenance show in a similar format to This Old House; something like “Today, we will be rebuilding this Geocites page into a Goku x Sailor Moon fansite that you’ll be able to browse on your phone.”, except unironically).

Anything I could do to help?

I’ll have to give it another go at some point. It might be necessary to tinker with the converters, which requires knowledge of at least node.js. My programming knowledge is limited.

I’ve dabbled a bit with node, and I’ve been working with javascript for a good while. I might be able to help with said tinkering if you need it.

Links should now take you to the https:// version by default.