HTML help

Because I’m a near-total HTML newbie and I just found out exactly how much my design of the enemy list sucks ass, I wa wondering what would be the simplest way to transfer all the rows into two easy A-L and M-Z tables. I can’t just c/p it all because then I end up with a table within a table. Any ideas? Epic told me once but I didn’t save the log. >_<

Rows always start and end with a TR tag. So basically, copy all the text from a TR to it’s closing tag, then paste that where it needs to go, just make sure you don’t paste it inside another set of TR tags, or TD tags for that matter.

Excellent, cheers. Made my task a lot easier. :smiley:

Some more (and it is) ‘Newbie’ Help. It still tables,

I trying do reedit This page of mine:

A bit way down, (Day 6 On the Stage) I Discovered I need to use a table. I know some of the Basic HTML but all my knowallge has eskaped me Tables have escaped Me. (I have not done it for years, about 3 months before that was set.)

Big Nutter on Tables.