howdy everybody

I’m 19 years and majoring in Journalism (one day you’ll read some crazy column in a magazine and find my name at the end of it), and I am so down with videogames that it is the only thing I’m better at than writing or playing music. I have visited rpg classics for a while and i’m currently playin through Final Fantasy VI… by the way, I wish Zeppelin did more shrines, because he’s so funny, the walkthrough is actually enjoyable to read; I’d play other games he covered just to read more of his commentaries. Anyway, yeah, if anybody else is new here, that’s cool too. you’re like me. I live in Virginia by the way.

who are some of the regulars here? talk to me :slight_smile:

bye kids :wave:

Hey, welcome. If you like zepp’s shrine, you’d probably like <a href=“”>this</a> as well, its freakin’ hilarious, and also written by him.

Yo. I’m pretty much the coolest non-veteran here. Ignore all these other idiots.

Sweet, another journalism major who loves music. Welcome.

Hello, welcome to rpgc. sense you seem to have a good sense of humour i probably don’t need to say this but, don’t take anything here too seriously and have fun. Anyway, I will give you a couple presents. First, a kamikaze moogle, set at 5 seconds. pull the pom pom to activate it, then run like hell.

next i’ll give you a waddle-dee.


I just read that zepp thing and now I am thoroughly creeped out.

Oh yeah, welcome Judas.

Welcome aboard Judas. Don’t touch my teddybears.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘You’re addicted to betrayal?’

Hi Judas, have fun while you’re here. ^^

Welcome enjoy your stay.

Pink you will pay for that!starts thinking of a plan for Pink’s downfall

I demand the death of that Waddle-dee.

Welcome to ye.
First, I would like to say I hate journalism… haha. Sorry; I do love music though! (Does that compensate?)
What sort of journalism course are you doing?
Anyhow, welcome - have some Divine Blue Drink…


Welcome to RPGC, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Man, who the hell doesn’t love music in some form? It’s like the love of breathing. Unless you’re a god damn alien who doesn’t need to breath, then I say good day sir, I want nothing to do with you. <!---- God DAMN I’m so witty! ---->

lolol hi im most popular on whole site lolol


Hello and welcome to RPGC!

Check out Pierson’s “Join my army” thread and half of these avatars might make sense.