How will the world end?

We all know it’s going to happen sooner or later. Whether it’s tomorrow or a hundred years from now, it’s going to happen. So, how do you think the world’s going to go out?

This is the way the world ends;
This is the way the world ends;
This is the way the world ends;
Not with a bang but a whimper.

The whimper will be the last sound off a man’s chest. The end.

The world will in not in fire, or in ice, but in darkness.

Someone will pass gas after eating the world’s largest bean burrito and it’ll block out the sun and turn us into an ice clod

oh and the ozone layer’ll disintegrate

The sun will probably burn out.

Not before the ozone layer is gone and we’re all burnt to crisp…

by then we’ll have all left earth, maybe even our succesors.

Nulani illigally changing her birth certificate, and conqouring America with rigged poles.

The sun will burn out then implode then it will make a black hole that sucks up the earth end of story.

There are actually 2 subjects here to specify: the earth (actual physical planet) and the world (the bio things lol). of course many people mean the world meaning us so Ill tell you whats going to happen:

The World- Because of the lack of coorporation and the depletion of anything moral with the increase in bigosy and greed, no doubt that man, along with every other living being, will be the one who hold the formula for extinction.

The Earth (physically speaking of course)- :THEORY: A near universe is accelerating towards the milky way galaxy. Eventually, Im talking about 4 billion years or less, these two galaxies will clash and create a horrendous explosion. Causing not only the end of the earth but the universe as well resulting in a massive black hole.

By my hand! MwoHoHoHo!

We’ll be cooked as the sun heats up and the earth becomes a burning acid inferno.

Apocalyptic War seems like the most likely cause, human nature being what it is.

Galaxies “collide” all the time, relatively speaking. Most of the time they just collide in empty space with the actual planets and shit not hitting anything. Galactic collisions certainly don’t kill the universe.