How will it end???

Will the badguys be defeated? Will more crap blow up? Will there somehow be lemons involved???

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More importantly: Where can I read this? >_> Thar be it. :moogle:

Thank you fo gif link, I’m too durned lazy to look myself :3

Trillian, don’t get any hopes high yet. Knowin’ how Spoony works, expect a corny, cliched, plot-hole filled endin’. And den get ready for anoder arc to have fun readin’! :smiley:

Nah, I will say I do have a definite ending planned. The only thing now is how long it’ll take to get there, as I’m getting so distracted by RL stuff right now. But it will get there.


Moral: Calling the wrong people luv has bad consequences. Or perhaps just spelling it luv.

Could be worse. Could be less-than-three: <3


And as an aside:

From whence did this image originate? I’ve seen it around quite a bit.

Ninja fall, everyone dies :smiley:

Let’s see… I’ve been reading this comic since I was in, I think 6th grade… I believe I got the link to the keenspace site from a random chat room… I think it was somewhere between the Peer and Band-with- arch…

I graduated last year…

Judging from that, I say we give him 5 more years to wrap it up before we start complaining.

Yeah, I was either in middle school or Freshman in high school when I first discovered this …

From my understanding, it’s from the Something Awful forums. :I