How to use a mac?

Not, not such a mac.

I’ve got a friend who’s not computer savvy. Doing ok with a pc after some effort but now they have to use a mac at school. Anybody know a site showing basic mac use for a newbie?

I don’t think most people here in North America are even <i>aware</i> of the existence of the mackintosh as a clothing item :stuck_out_tongue:

School. Is it an old or a new Macintosh?

She said they were new. So either that or the cleaners rock there :stuck_out_tongue:

Cless, rpgc is edumacational!

In that case it’s not very different from a PC running Windows. You just use the Finder, the Dock, and Spotlight instead of the Start Menu.

Mac OS X is so easy it can be complicated at times. Evertyhing is right there in front of you. Hell, since Vista came out I’ve started getting into Macs and switchng. It’s been a good time.

Thanks for the info.